When it comes to temperature-sensitive produce, you can’t afford a weak link in your supply chain. Frupco offers expediting services that keep our customers informed throughout the entire shipping process. Details are constantly changing – as are the needs of our customers – so we stay in constant contact from shipping through delivery to ensure you product gets where it needs to be on time.

  • Product Arrival & Availability – Frequent updates to importers and sales personal regarding product arrival and inventory availability
  • Vessel ETAs – Ongoing updates about changes to vessel arrival schedules assist order management and inventory control
  • Working Schedules – Daily updates upon vessel arrival pertaining to offload progress, changes and labor concerns
  • Verification – 24/7 staff on hand to verify piece counts, cargo damage and to confirm temperature upon arrival
  • Claims Support – Facilitate claims filing in the event cargo is compromised

Customs Clearing

Frupco remains in constant communication with government agencies and customs brokers, and follows Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) processes to expedite clearing of shipments into the United States. We routinely counsel our customers on the entry documents required for successful entry of cargo into the country. When documented correctly, shipments move quickly through the many government channels and on to their final destination.


Customer storage needs often vary. Frupco provides affordable, reliable warehousing options, regardless of your storage requirements.

  • Short- and long-term arrangements
  • Refrigerated or dry storage
  • Convenient location options 

ExpeditingFumigation, Drying & Temperature Control  

In order to meet United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines, many produce imports often require fumigation as a condition of entry. Whether shipments require fumigation at the port of entry, or at an off-site facility, we can arrange reliable, experienced fumigation services.

Citrus in particular requires special attention due to its needs for drying prior to fumigation. Our proprietary drying system ensures that your cargo is dry, at proper temperature and ready for fumigation in 36-72 hours, depending on the commodity and pack style. This expedited drying schedule minimizes the time cargo spends outside of the cold chain.

Claims Surveying 

Produce shipments are both time and temperature sensitive.  In the event that your shipment is adversely affected during transport due to a temperature break or shipment delay, Frupco will provide you with timely information needed to file an insurance claim. In an effort to ensure that all claims are handled correctly, quickly and objectively, Frupco alerts shipping lines and oversees an independent surveyor to facilitate customer claims.